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How to Study

Course Structure

When you are ready to begin the course, you can easily purchase it through our online store. You also have the option of mailing/faxing your order to us, though all participants in the CCSVP course should be aware that the bulk of the coursework will be done only online through the IAHCSMM website.

The course accompanying Central Service Technical Manual, 8th Edition® will be sent to you via UPS. All other course materials (PowerPoint presentations, quizzes and final exam) will be accessed online.

A valid email is required at time of purchase to electronically send you instructions for entering and using the CCSVP Portal. This email will show your log in credentials (name and account number), as well as your expiration date for the course. You will need this information to access any of the online materials.

Each of the six online modules includes a reading assignment, a PowerPoint presentation, and a quiz. You may read the modules in any succession; however, you must first pass a quiz before the next quiz will open. Upon successful completion of the sixth module, you will then have access to a final exam. This final exam is not the certification exam, although it will help you prepare for it.

Once you have completed the six CCSVP modules and final exam, you will be able to print a certificate of completion of the online portion of the course. Your next step is to observe what you have learned in action by completing 32 total hours of required observation, signed off by two different hospital/surgery center locations.

After you have completed the course and achieved your 32 hours of required observation, you will then be prepared to sit for the certification exam. Details for scheduling a certification exam will be given upon acceptance of the CCSVP Certification Exam application.

Your access to the portal will begin once you receive an email notification, and you will have one year of to complete all of the online modules, final exam, hours of observation and certification exam. Extensions will not be provided past this expiration date and additional fees will apply.

Starting the Course

There are 2 main components to your course, the IAHCSMM Central Service Technical Manual, 8th Edition® and an online component accessed through the Course Portal.

The course is comprised of 6 lessons. Each lesson contains a reading assignment in the included textbook and a self-study online module that includes a self-grading review quiz.

You should be using both the IAHCSMM Central Service Technical Manual 8th Edition® and the online modules to prepare for your IAHCSMM CCSVP Certification Exam. They are tools designed to help you gain the knowledge necessary to achieve certification.

For each Lesson, complete the reading assignment as directed, review the online study module, and when you are ready, complete the online review quiz. (Please Note: While your score on the online review quizzes does not count for a grade, it will provide you with a good indication of whether you have mastered the information contained in the Lesson)

Course Final Exam

At the end of the modules there is an online final exam. You must successfully pass each of the six module quizzes with a minimum score of 70% before you will have the ability to launch the course final exam. A score of 70% or higher on the final exam also is required for successful completion of the course.

Clinical Observation Component

There is a 32-hour Central Service Department Clinical Observation component required. Please review the information and requirements carefully. Each CCSVP applicant is responsible for partnering with two separate healthcare facilities to set up their Clinical Observation. (Please Note: Clinical Observations may be completed over a period of time; however, CCSVP applicants will not be allowed to schedule their certification exam until the Clinical Observation component has been completed and documented.)

IAHCSMM CCSVP Certification Exam

Once the prerequisites (course, course final exam, and clinical observation component) have been completed, applicants will be eligible to sit for the IAHCSMM Certification Exam, CCSVP.

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