Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long does it take to receive my textbook?

A You should receive your textbook within 3-5 business days from your purchase date. Canadian and overseas orders may take longer.


Q Once I purchase a course, how long do I have to complete it?

A Your CCSVP course must be completed within 1 year of purchase date. This includes completion of the online modules, the online final exam, accumulation of 32 hours of observation split between 2 hospitals/surgery centers, and receipt of the certification exam application.


Q I used to be able to access the Course Portal, but my log-in no longer works. What changed?

A If access to the portal worked during your enrollment, than you may want to check your expiration date for your course. The online portion closes permanently one year after purchase date. To regain access, you would need to purchase another course and start from the beginning.


Q How do I know which questions I missed on my quizzes or final exam?

A The course is a self-study course, and all of the answers to the quizzes can be found either in the specific online module or the assigned reading material for that quiz. The final exam covers only the assigned reading and online modules. The course only shows a score for the quizzes and for the final exam, and does not show which questions you answered right or wrong.

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