Examination Results

A Pass/Fail exam result is determined by the total number of questions you answer correctly. Upon completion of your exam you will be notified at the test center whether or not you have passed your test. Upon passing your exam a certification package, containing your new certification documents will be mailed to you within two weeks. If you do not pass your exam then your score report, along with information on retaking the exam, will be mailed to you within a week. For security purposes test scores cannot be given by email or phone.

Upon becoming certified, and with every annual renewal, you will be issued a certificate for each certification you hold. The certificate(s) will detail the scope and dates of your certification(s) and can be used as a primary source document to verify your certification.

CRCST, CER & CHL Score Reports

If you achieve a passing score on the CRCST, CER, or CHL exam you will receive a passing notification, but not an overall exam score. If you do not pass the CRCST, CER, or CHL exam, you will receive an overview of the seven Knowledge Domains which comprise each of the exams. These section scores will pinpoint exactly in which areas you were strongest and weakest by noting if you were "At or Above", "Below", or "Well Below" the passing level for each domain.

For more information regarding what areas each of the section scores cover please see the CRCST Exam Content Outline, the CER Exam Content Outline, or the CHL Exam Content Outline.

CIS & CCSVP Score Reports

If you achieve a passing score on a CIS or CCSVP exam you will receive a passing notification and overall exam score. If you do not pass the exam, you will receive an overall exam score showing the percentage of questions you answered correctly.

For more information regarding what areas the exam covers please see the relevant exam's page under the Certification Overview section.

Duplicate Score Reports

Current certificants may request a duplicate score report within 7 years of their original test date. Non-certified or lapsed certificants may request a duplicate score report within 3 years of their original test date.


An applicant who fails any IAHCSMM exam must wait a minimum of 6 weeks before being allowed to retest. The applicant may submit a retake application as soon after testing as they wish, but their eligibility will begin 6 weeks after their last exam date.

The rationale for this waiting period is to ensure that there are a sufficient number of test forms available on an annual basis so that candidates will not be exposed to any given form more than twice before it is retired. IAHCSMM updates examination forms annually.

When you are ready to test again, simply submit a retake application (which was provided with your exam score report), along with the $125 exam fee ($150 USD outside of the US or Canada). If you do not have a retake application, you may also submit the standard application for the exam you wish to take.

Examination Irregularities

If you believe one or more items on the test to be incorrect or in some way invalid, a written/electronic appeal must be submitted within 30 days of taking the examination. You must provide as much detail as you remember about the item(s) in question and your reason for challenging their accuracy.

All item appeals will be reviewed by the IAHCSMM Certification Council. A thorough review of the item(s) in question will be conducted and a written synopsis of the board's findings will be issued. If one or more items are found to be in any way inaccurate they will be corrected or replaced on the certification exam and your score will be adjusted accordingly.

Verification of Computer Examination Results

If you do not achieve a passing score on your exam you may request that your test be re-graded to verify the reported results. However, you should note that every Prometric record is scored twice before releasing the results. Therefore, the likelihood of mis-scoring is remote. Requests must be made within 30 days of taking the examination and accompanied by a $50 processing fee, payable directly to the Prometric testing company.

Appeals of Examination Results

Candidates who fail the exam may file an appeal of exam results based on: examination procedures that fail to comply with the Certification Council's established policies or alleged testing conditions severe enough to cause a major and significant disruption of the examination process.

Appeals must be made in writing within 30 days of the date on the individual's score results. Appeals that are not resolved by the Certification Manager to the candidate's satisfaction will be forward to the Certification Council for review along with any other relevant information. Written notice of the final decision will be sent to the applicant within 30 days of the review. The decision of the Certification Council will be final.

Release of Scores to Program Officials

IAHCSMM will only release exam results directly to you, in written format, at the home address provided on your exam application. Scores are not available orally or electronically, and can take up to two weeks to be delivered. Exam scheduling information, results, and pass/fail notifications will not be provided to 3rd parties without your prior express written consent. Upon request IAHCSMM will verify an individual's current certification status (including their certification effective and expiration dates) to any inquiring party, but will not release further details of your examination(s), including exam scores or the number of exam attempts, without your consent.

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