Verification of Examination Requirements

If hands-on experience (CRCST, CIS, and CER) or clinical observation experience (CCSVP) is required for your examination then documentation of that experience must be provided on the exam application as indicated. No other documentation is necessary or acceptable.

The sections of your application documenting your experience must be completed by your department's immediate manager/supervisor. An individual in a leadership role within the department cannot document their own experience; they are still required to have their immediate manager complete all required documentation. The required experience must be current, meaning that it has to have been accrued within the past 5 years at most for the CRCST and CIS exam, and within the past three years at most for the CER exam.

Provided they are in a position above your own then experience hours can be documented by:

       • Lead Techs, Coordinators, or Supervisors
       • Managers, Chiefs, Directors, or Administrators
       • Hospital-based Educators or Trainers

Hours cannot be documented by technicians or private instructors. In order to verify experience, all contact information provided for the manager or supervisor documenting your hours must be current or your application will be rejected.

Hands-on hours can be accumulated on a paid or volunteer basis and you need not be currently employed or volunteering with a facility in order to test. All hours must be completed prior to testing, with the exception of those testing provisionally for the CRCST exam (see the CRCST Requirements for the Examination: Full & Provisional Certification section.)

Applications requiring hands-on experience may be subject to verification before processing. Once selected for verification an application cannot be processed further until the manager/supervisor documenting the applicant's hours of experience can be contacted and the experience confirmed. If the listed manager/supervisor cannot be reached for confirmation the application will be returned unprocessed. If the manager/supervisor is reached but refutes the information submitted in any way, the application will be sent to the Certification Council for further investigation and review (see the Falsified & Misleading Application Documentation section below.)

Applicants who have submitted a completed application and who are notified that they do not meet the eligibility requirements may appeal this decision by sending a written notice of the appeal to the Certification Council within 30 days of the time stamp on the eligibility decision. Appeals that cannot be resolved to the applicant's satisfaction will be forwarded by the Certification Manager to the Council for review along with any relevant information from the initial review of the application. Written notice of the final decision will be sent to the applicant within 30 days of the review. The decision of the CC will be final.

Falsified & Misleading Application Documentation

All information provided by and about you on the exam application (and any other subsequent forms submitted in relation to the application) must be accurate and correct. If any information provided on an exam application or any other document relating to your certification is determined to be false or purposefully misleading IAHCSMM can reject your application and disqualify you from future testing. The IAHCSMM Certification Council will review all such instances and determine the appropriate recourse, including the invalidation of test results, the revocation of any certifications which have been granted, and/or the denial of recertification.

Refunds & Forfeiture of Exam Fees

All requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of the start of your testing eligibility and before an exam appointment has been made.

Failure to schedule and take an exam within the allotted 90 day testing eligibility, missing or arriving late for an appointment, or presenting ID that is unacceptable, expired, or does not match your registered name (as provided on your exam application), will prohibit you from testing and effectively end your exam eligibility period. Your exam fee will be forfeited and you will not be eligible for any refund. The application process must be repeated and full payment submitted, when you are ready to have a new test eligibility granted.

Change of Name and/or Address

Any name changes due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons, as well as any corrections needed due to typos/misspellings, must be made with IAHCSMM before scheduling an exam. Legal name changes must be accompanied by a photocopy of a marriage license, divorce decree, or other court order and faxed to 1.312.440.9474 or mailed to IAHCSMM, 55 W Wacker Drive, Suite 501, Chicago, IL 60601. Failure to change or correct your name prior to testing may result in an inability to test and a forfeiture of all exam fees.

If your address changes or needs corrected from what appears on your scheduling information please contact IAHCSMM prior to your test date by calling 800.962.8274 or emailing certification@iahcsmm.org.

All changes must be made directly with IAHCSMM, name and/or address changes cannot be made at the test center.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

This examination is confidential and proprietary. It is made available to you, the examinee, solely for the purpose of becoming certified in the technical area referenced in the title of this exam. You are expressly prohibited from recording, copying, reproducing, disclosing, publishing, or transmitting this examination, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of IAHCSMM.

Use of Personal Information

The information provided to IAHCSMM on your exam application, and in regard to your certification exam, will be used in accordance of IAHCSMM's Confidentiality Policy in Appendix A, page 24. If you request and are granted special testing accommodations (see the following Applicants with a Disability section) IAHCSMM will disclose personal information to third parties as necessary to administer your examination. This may include such information as your disability status, medical condition, or any political, religious, or philosophical beliefs which require accommodation.

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