Summit Medical - An Innovia Medical Company

  • Summit Medical - An Innovia Medical Company
Summit Medical's InstruSafe® Instrument Protection Trays, Care + Maintenance Products, and OEM Solutions provide solutions to uniquely protect and organize surgical instruments, both delicate and durable, throughout all stages of transportation, storage, and sterilization.

InstruSafe Instrument Protection Trays ensure instruments are completely protected throughout the use cycle with medical grade silicone instrument holders. The bottom holders are molded to hold your instruments in place while minimizing contact points, improving sterilant penetration. Sterilization is further improved with the protection tray's aluminum construction that allows optimal heat transfer and large amounts of perforation to provide superior penetration and drainage.

InstruSafe® Protection Trays and Transport Containers are designed in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical® the maker of the da Vinci® robot. InstruSafe products are FDA cleared and independently validated by Intuitive Surgical® for steam and low temperature sterilization in both wrap and rigid containers. InstruSafe Protection Tray configurations are available for single instruments, multiple instruments, and endoscopes.

Summit Medical's product experts understand that a customer's specific needs often extend beyond the standard product offering, which is why we offer custom configured tray solutions.

A 2017 study published in Health Care Purchasing News, Communique, and Process proved InstruSafe products can reduce repair and replacement costs by 33% within the first year of use and promote instrument longevity over time.