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You can depend on Evoqua's broad portfolio of products, our 24/7 service, and our comprehensive support network to meet the day-to-day and future needs of your healthcare facility. From potable water treatment for decontamination, to high purity feed water for cleaning and sterilization equipment– we have the right solutions to ensure the water you use meets the strictest guidelines in the industry – particularly AAMI TIR34: Water for the reprocessing of Medical Devices

Our reverse osmosis and deionized water purification systems are integral to providing high-purity water for washing, rinsing, and decontamination of surgical instruments and medical devices. This prevents the corrosion, pitting, scaling, and degradation of these very expensive devices, as well as the equipment used to clean them, thus reducing replacement costs and mitigating downstream risk.

Our Water One service platform provides reliable water management including 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and repairs to ensure that you have the quality and quantity of water you need – when you need it.

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