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CS professionals perform specific, detail-focused functions that play a critical role in the delivery of quality customer service and, above all, quality patient care. IAHCSMM understands that fulfilling such an important role requires interdisciplinary teamwork amongst the CS, OR, Infection Control, Endoscopy, Nursing and other critical departments and disciplines. To help facilitate more effective partnerships and teamwork, and promote information-sharing and inter-professional education, IAHCSMM has solidified valuable partnerships with affiliate and allied healthcare organizations. These partnerships with allied professional associations and educational groups ensure that you will be kept informed of the latest standards and practices, and news impacting your profession

Healthcare Links

• Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
• FDA Links
• Medwatch (FDA Form 3500)
• Medwatch (Medical Product Safety)
• World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply (WFHSS)

Educational Resources

• 3M Health Care
• Beyond Clean Podcasts
• Cardinal Health
• Case Medical
• Civco
• Crosstex
Educational Dimensions
EndoPro Magazine
Healthmark Industries
• Healthcare Purchasing News
IAHCSMM Process This Podcasts
Key Surgical
Ofstead & Associates
• O & M Halyard (programs offered through Pfiedler Education; see link below)
• Pfiedler Education
 STERIS University

**If you have suggestions for additional sites or publications that could be added to this list, please email them to Natalie Lind.


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