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Benchmarking Solutions—Sterile Processing is a web-based platform that helps sterile processing departments compare their budgets, staffing levels, practices, and policies with those at other facilities.

This practical resource includes more than 130 benchmarking measurements and metrics; as well as powerful, easy-to-use charts, graphs, and other tools to help analyze data. A one-year subscription is now available at a special rate to IAHCSMM and AAMI members.

Developed by leading sterilization experts from AAMI and IAHCSMM, Benchmarking Solutions—Sterile Processing examines critical elements of your sterile processing program, including:

  • Budgeting and financial
  • Sterilization practices
  • Compliance
  • Volume and types of work performed
  • Clinical relationships
  • Best practices and performance improvement
  • Purchasing decisions and participation on committees
  • Responsibilities and reporting structures
  • Staffing, qualifications, and continuing education
  • Computer resources and much more.

A one-year subscription includes year-round access to current benchmarking data, the ability to update your own data and compare it against others, and access to sterile processing experts and colleagues to help you assess your information. Subscribers also receive an annual report filled with practical benchmarking guidance.

The annual subscription rate for IAHCSMM members is $750—a $100 savings off the list rate.

To order, simply click here and add the product to the shopping cart. Enter IAH-SPB as your coupon code to receive your IAHCSMM discount. Or you can call 877-249-8226 and let them know you are an IAHCSMM member.

A "results only" version is also available for consultants, manufacturers, and others who don't have benchmarking data to enter but who want to access anonymous, aggregated data.

To order the results only version at the special IAHCSMM member rate, simply click here and add the product to your shopping cart, and enter IAH-SPBRE as your coupon code.

AAMI launched the online benchmarking platform nearly two years ago. Now, by collaborating with IAHCSMM, the benchmarking tool promises to be even more robust. The collaboration is important because the two organizations have a combined membership of more than 26,000, which will help attract more subscribers and generate more benchmarking data.

In addition, AAMI and IAHCSMM have formed a 12-person task force to oversee the benchmarking platform, review the benchmarking survey and platform annually, and recommend enhancements. Rose Seavey, a sterilization consultant who serves on the task force, called the collaboration "a great step" toward bringing quality to sterile processing.

"It will give those in the field some 'ammunition' to get the tools and resources they need to provide safe and efficient patient care," said Seavey. "Being able to compare a facility to like facilities will produce extremely useful real benchmarking data for such thing as budgets, equipment, practices, and staffing. That is the kind of data that healthcare administrations will listen to."

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