Frequently Asked Questions

Q I'm not able to view the documents. What should I do?

AThe sample documents have been made available to current IAHCSMM Members and Certified Members. Please make sure you are logged in to the IAHCSMM website, and that your membership status is current.


Q Many of the documents here do not reflect the way we do things in our department. Why is this?

ANot all departments have the same scope of service. The medical devices they reprocess and the equipment they use to reprocess them varies from department to department. Also, departments can vary in size and in the tools they have to do the job. Every document here will not be applicable to every department, but we hope that there will be some useful information for everyone.


Q These documents contain some good information but not in the format I need. How can I use them?

AEvery facility has it's own requirements for department document format. We understand that the format may not fit. You may want to take sections that enhance your existing documents.


Q This is a great idea! However, I wish you had more documents. Will you have more in the future?

AThis is the beginning of a new resource. There are additional documents under review at this time. This section will rely on members to submit documents to enhance the offerings. The more participation, the more robust the selection will be. Check back frequently to see additional postings.


Q What are the rules for submission?

AMake certain that you remove any identifying information from your facility, such as facility name or specific references to people, locations, etc. and complete the submission form. The document will be reviewed for spelling, and unique identifiers and posted to the site.


Q As IAHCSMM is vendor-neutral, why are products mentioned in some of these documents?

AIAHCSMM is vendor-neutral and that is reflected in the disclaimer. Many of the documents listed are written for specific, commonly used products, devices and equipment. Removing that product name and making the document generic may interfere with IFUs or cause confusion with processes.


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