Central Service Department: A Shared Need

All Central Service departments seek to improve their practices.  The journey is never-ending as new technologies, standards, guidelines and other changes impact our work practices.  Each department is in a different place on the journey to improvement and we are asking departments to share information that may be helpful to other departments as they move forward.

Within this resource are sample documents that can be used to template or enhance department documents.

This section has been developed as a resource for departments who are seeking to improve their performance.  The documents contained herein, are samples provided by different facilities.  Like our individual departments, each reflects a different location on the path to improvement.  No single document will be a fit for every department, but it is our hope that having access to sample documents will enable departments to enhance their own documents and practices.

You must be an Active or Associate Member with IAHCSMM to access the available documents.  Please Login to the IAHCSMM website at the top of the page to be granted access. Click here for a list of FAQs.

Available Documents


The documents compiled and posted here have been provided by several sources. They are offered as samples for your reference only and are not intended to represent the best or only approach to any particular issue.

IAHCSMM is not a standards-making organization and these documents do not represent IAHCSMM requirements. IAHCSMM and the individuals or companies providing the samples do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or suitability of any document, and they assume no responsibility or liability in connection with the use or misuse of any material.

The samples posted here should not be construed as standards or legal advice, and users should seek other appropriate professional guidance. Users should verify that any documents or portions of documents they choose to use, meet current standards and Federal regulations, as well as applicable state and local requirements. Copyright in posted materials belongs to the respective owners, whether or not a copyright notice appears on the screen displaying the materials.

Commercial products or services named in these documents do not represent an endorsement by IAHCSMM.

Please Note: By accessing and/or downloading these resources, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.



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