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How to Renew Certifications

Whether you choose to track your CEs throughout the year, or apply them all at once, IAHCSMM's online renewal process makes it easy! Simply visit your online profile and click to upload your CEs.

If you opt to submit in-service hours, simply track your hours using IAHCSMM's in-service submission form. You can upload the form as one document to your profile.

Or, if you opt to submit CEs using IAHCSMM's online education, you may take Lesson Plans or Webinars. Once passed, they automatically update your profile. IAHCSMM Lesson Plans count as 2 CEs each toward your renewal, while Webinars count as 1 CE each. View your options today, and purchase online.

Once your CEs are completed and approved, you can submit your renewal fee online and your renewal will be processed.

IAHCSMM Online Renewals

While the amount of CEs required each year will vary depending on certifications held, the fees are always the same, no matter how many certifications you hold.

Submit Online

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Steps to Renew Online

  • Submit Continuing Education
    Gather the appropriate number of CE credits required for your certification(s).
    If you have CEs from In-Services or Staff Meetings, or from other pre-approved providers, you may upload them directly to your online profile. Select your Credential using the button below, and click on the "Upload CE" tab to upload a copy of your In-Service sheet or Certificates directly.

    Upload CEs
  • Or, Take Online Education
    If you need to gather CEs toward your renewal, IAHCSMM offers on-line lesson plans and webinars. Simply visit the Online Store and purchase the lesson plans or webinars you wish to take.
    Note: if you have already passed a quiz, there will be a red warning message - you will not be permitted to take the quiz again.
    Once purchased, you may take them online through our "Online Education" section. After the lessons are complete, the CEs will automatically be added to your profile.

    Take Lesson Plans
  • Submit Renewal Fee
    Once you're ready to pay for your renewal, select your credential, and click on the blue "Submit Renewal" button at the top of the page. This will take you through your payment options. Please note: you only need to do this once, no matter how many certifications you hold through IAHCSMM.

    Purchase Renewal Fees
  • Processing Timeline
    Make sure your complete renewal (all CE credits and re-certification fees) is received by IAHCSMM no later than your renewal deadline.Once your renewal statement and payment have been received in our office, processing will take approximately one to two weeks. Once your renewal has been processed, both you and your employer can verify your renewed certification through our website immediately.Please allow one to two weeks for your physical re-certification documents to reach you via the United States Postal Service. Please note: If you reside outside of the US or Canada, please allow three to four weeks for your re-certification documents to reach you.

    Verify Certification


Lapsed Certification Grace Period

If all required CE credits and fees are not received by your certification expiration date, your certification(s) will be suspended and you will be considered non-certified. You will then automatically be granted a six week grace period in which to submit all past-due fees and CE credits. During this suspension period you are not considered certified and cannot use the title of CRCST, CER, CIS, CHL, CCSVP, or any other designation you may normally hold with IAHCSMM.

If all required past-due CE credits and certification fees are received within the six week grace period, your certification(s) will be reinstated. If all required fees and CE credits are not received before the end of your grace period, you will no longer be able to renew your certification(s). No further extensions will be available. At that point, you would be required to test in order to re-obtain any and all certifications.

To avoid having your certification(s) suspended, or possibly revoked, IAHCSMM strongly encourages you to renew prior to your expiration date.


Falsified and Misleading Renewal Documentation

All information provided by and about you in regard to your certification maintenance must be accurate and correct. If any information provided in relation to your certification renewal or any other document relating to your certification, is determined to be false or purposefully misleading IAHCSMM can reject your re-certification and disqualify you from future certification. The IAHCSMM Certification Council will review all such instances and determine the appropriate recourse, up to and including the possible revocation of any certifications which have been granted and the denial of re-certification.

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