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How to Renew Certifications

Make sure you have the most current renewal statement. Personalized statements are mailed out two months before your renewal date, and can also be printed from the Forms & Applications page. If renewing by mail, fax, or email a copy of your statement must be submitted along with your payment and Continuing Education (CE) credits. (If renewing online it is not necessary to submit a copy of your renewal statement.)

All sections of the renewal statement must be completed (unless otherwise specified.) Any mandatory sections submitted as blank or missing information will result in delays in your renewal processing or even your statement being returned to you. Please also indicate any necessary changes to your personal or professional contact information, and note your payment information as indicated.

Gather the appropriate number of CE credits required for your certification(s) (see the Requirements section for more information.) Please note: CE credits must have occurred within the past year.

  • If, for example, your renewal date is May 31, and you renewed early on May 4 last year, then your CE credits for this year must have occurred on or after May 5 of last year.
  • If, for example, your renewal date is May 31, and you renewed late last year on June 10, then your CE credits for this year must have occurred on or after May 5 of last year.

Review your CE credits to make sure they are viable:

  • If you are submitting In-Services or Staff Meetings for CE credit, make sure they are either submitted on IAHCSMM’s CE Submission Form or listed on your facility’s letterhead and include the date, topic, and duration/CE value of each event. Regardless of whether you use IAHCSMM’s form or your facility’s letterhead, be sure both your name, and the name, title, and signature of your supervisor/manager/educator are provided.
  • If you are submitting Online Lessons from vendor or other association websites, make sure the printouts include your name, the completion date, the topic, and the CE value.
  • If you are submitting Certificates of Attendance from Conferences or Seminars, make sure they include your name, the meeting date(s), the topic(s), the CE value, and the IAHCSMM CE approval code.
  • If you are submitting a College Course make sure you provide an official transcript with the course completion date, title/topic, and your grade (of a C or better.)

Payment must be rendered, in full, at the time of the submission of your renewal. A flat $50 (USD) re-certification fee is required, regardless of the number of certifications you hold. If you wish to continue your membership there is an additional $10 fee, bringing your renewal fee total to $60 (please see the Optional Membership Renewal section below for more information).

If paying by credit or debit card, you may fax your completed renewal statement with card information and CE credits to 1.312.440.9474, scan and email your statement and credits to recertification@iahcsmm.org, or pay online through the IAHCSMM Store (and fax/mail/email your CE credits separately).

If paying by check or money order, you must mail your completed renewal statement, payment, and CE credits to the following address (do not send cash):

IAHCSMM, Attn: Renewals
55 W Wacker Drive, Suite 501
Chicago, IL 60601

Please note, all Canadian and other non-US payments must be made by either credit/debit card or money order made out in US funds (IAHCSMM cannot accept checks drawn on non-US currencies.)

Make sure your complete renewal (all CE credits and re-certification fees) is received by IAHCSMM no later than your renewal deadline. Certificants who do not submit a complete renewal by their re-certification date will have their certification(s) suspended, and be granted a six week grace period in which to submit their payment and CE documentation. If a complete renewal is still not received by the end of this grace period, then testing would be required in order to re-obtain certification (see the Lapsed Grace Period section for more information.)

Once your renewal statement and payment have been received in our office, processing will take approximately one to two weeks. Once your renewal has been processed, both you and your employer can verify your renewed certification through our website immediately (via your Account Profile and Verify Certification sections). Please allow seven to ten days for your physical re-certification documents to reach you via the United States Postal Service. Please note: If you reside outside of the US or Canada, please allow three to four weeks for your re-certification documents to reach you.

Optional Membership Renewal

To meet and exceed industry standards, and in keeping with the requirements of accreditation, it is important for IAHCSMM to draw a clear line between certification and membership services. As such, membership is not mandatory for continued certification. You have the choice of renewing your certification with or without membership

If you are certified and opt to renew your membership for an extra $10 per year, you will receive discounts on renewal packages, online lesson plans, annual conference fees, publications, and other IAHCSMM merchandise, as well as the ability to participate in IAHCSMM elections and committees. If you prefer to only renew your certification you can do so at the regular $50 renewal fee. Both member and non-member certificants will receive Communiqué and Central Source.

IAHCSMM Online Renewals

While the amount of CEs required each year will vary depending on certifications held, the fees are always the same, no matter how many certifications you hold.

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Lapsed Certification Grace Period

If all required CE credits and fees are not received by your certification expiration date, your certification(s) will be suspended and you will be considered non-certified. You will then automatically be granted a six week grace period in which to submit all past-due fees and CE credits. During this suspension period you are not considered certified and cannot use the title of CRCST, CER, CIS, CHL, CCSVP, or any other designation you may normally hold with IAHCSMM.

If all required past-due CE credits and certification fees are received within the six week grace period, your certification(s) will be reinstated. If all required fees and CE credits are not received before the end of your grace period, you will no longer be able to renew your certification(s). No further extensions will be available. At that point, you would be required to test in order to re-obtain any and all certifications.

To avoid having your certification(s) suspended, or possibly revoked, IAHCSMM strongly encourages you to renew prior to your expiration date.


Falsified and Misleading Renewal Documentation

All information provided by and about you in regard to your certification maintenance must be accurate and correct. If any information provided in relation to your certification renewal or any other document relating to your certification, is determined to be false or purposefully misleading IAHCSMM can reject your re-certification and disqualify you from future certification. The IAHCSMM Certification Council will review all such instances and determine the appropriate recourse, up to and including the possible revocation of any certifications which have been granted and the denial of re-certification.

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