Building for the Future Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Definitions and Abbreviations
  • Chapter 3 New Construction
    • New Construction Versus Renovation
    • Trends Affecting Design
    • Overview of the Planning Process
    • Planning New Construction for Sterile Processing
    • Managing the Design Process
    • Construction Interface
    • Occupancy Planning
  • Chapter 4 Renovation Projects
    • Driving Forces
    • Infection Prevention and Control
    • Operational Issues
    • Reprocessing Outside the SPD
    • Renovation Coordination
  • Chapter 5 New Equipment Planning
    • Importance of Equipment Planning
    • Determining the SPD Equipment Mix
    • Materials Reprocessing Life Cycle
    • Water and Steam Quality
    • Integrated Process Flow
    • Decontamination Equipment Planning
    • Sterilization Equipment Planning
    • Vendor Assistance, Product Selection, and Site Visits
    • Specifications
    • Warranties and Service Agreements
    • Installation
    • Testing and Acceptance Criteria for Mechanical Washers
    • Qualification Testing of Sterilizers
    • Staff Development and Training
  • Chapter 6 Summary
  • Chapter 7 References and Resources
  • A Date Requirements for Functional Planning of Sterile Processing Areas
  • B Examples of Space Program Summaries for the Decontamination, Preparation and Packaging, and Sterilization Areas in a Sterile Processing Department
  • C Example of a Time Study for Sterile Processing
  • D Sample Calendar for Moving to a New SPD
  • E Infection Control Risk Assessment: Matrix of Precautions for Construction & Renovation
  • F Example of Equipment Listing by SPD Functional Area
  • G Example of an Equipment Orientation Checklist

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