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How can our organization best represent our professionals and educate about the importance of what we do?

Sterile processing in healthcare is critical. We know it. And the past year has made it all the more evident.

The IAHCSMM Board of Directors recently completed the new strategic plan for 2021-2023. As part of that goal, we looked closely at how our current name reflects the profession. We conducted surveys and held focus groups across our membership and amongst our certification holders and learned that:

There is a need to better represent the profession and raise awareness about what it entails and how the profession impacts quality care.

To better clarify who we are as a profession, the Board recommended to the membership an association name change to:

Healthcare Sterile Processing Association

Professionals Instrumental to Patient Safety
IAHCSMM 607400 21 Processing Change Thumbnails2

IAHCSMM 607400 21 Processing Change Thumbnails2

Why a Name Change?

We need an association name that better reflects the role of the professionals we represent. A more concise name that accurately describes what we do, so we can better educate and inform others (inside and outside of healthcare) about the Sterile Processing profession.

A Stronger Future for Our Profession: Next Steps

Change isn’t always easy, and we know that many of our members have a longstanding history with this association and its current name. We do feel, however, that a name change is an important step because it will help improve understanding and increase relevance in the eyes of the healthcare community and the general public.

From June 22 - July 12, 2021, members of the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) cast their votes. Upon reviewing the certified results from IAHCSMM's third-party voting service provider, Survey & Ballot Systems, the Association's Board of Directors is pleased to announce that 82.3% of voting members voted in favor of the name change. A two-thirds "yes" vote by members who voted was needed for the name change to pass.

The switch from IAHCSMM to HSPA will officially take effect January 1, 2022. In the coming months, the Association will be updating its logo, corporate documents and marketing materials to reflect the new name and will continue communicating with membership throughout the process.

IAHCSMM 607400 21 Processing Change Thumbnails2

IAHCSMM 607400 21 Processing Change Thumbnails2

Share Your Voice in our Journey

Please send any questions about the name change to processingchange@iahcsmm.org. We thank you for your time, consideration and voting participation. Together, we will continue advancing the profession and moving us all toward a stronger future.

This commitment to advancing Sterile Processing knowledge, skill sets and professionalism is why over 37,000 members and certificants rely on IAHCSMM to keep them sharp, focused and abreast of the very latest standards, best practices and technological advancements impacting the SP profession.

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