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The Certification Council is committed to protecting confidential and/or proprietary information related to applicants, candidates, certificants and examination development, maintenance, and administration process. The confidentiality policy applies to all IAHCSMM board members, employees, Certification Council members, committee members, contractors, and other individuals who are permitted access to confidential information.

Information about applicants/candidates/certificants and their examination results are considered confidential and may not be disclosed, divulged, or made accessible. Exam scores and/or other confidential information will be released only to the individual candidate unless a signed release is provided or as required by law. Personal information submitted by applicants/candidates/certificants with an application or recertification application is considered confidential. Personal information retained within the candidate/certificant database will be kept confidential.

Information related to the development, administration and maintenance of the examination is considered confidential.

Confidential materials include, but are not limited to: an individual's application status, personal applicant/candidate/ certificant information, exam development documentation (including job analysis reports, technical reports, and cut score studies), exam items and answers, exam forms, and individual exam scores.

IAHCSMM and the Certification Council will not disclose confidential applicant/candidate/certificant information unless authorized in writing by the individual or as required by law. If IAHCSMM is required by law to disclose confidential information, the individual(s) whose information is released will be notified to the extent permitted by law.

Verification of Certification

The Certification Manager maintains a database of all active applicants and certificants.

The names of certified individuals and their certification status are not considered confidential and will be published by IAHCSMM in the online verification system. The IAHCSMM headquarters office will also verify certification status upon request – information released will include the certificant's name, certification effective and expiration dates, certification type, and certification status (certified or not certified.)

An up-to-date database of all certificants is maintained under the oversight of the Certification Manager. The online verification system will be promptly updated to reflect individuals whose certification has expired or has been suspended or revoked.

IAHCSMM will not release further details of your certification(s), such as exam scores or the number of exam attempts, without your prior written consent. In order to verify your certification through IAHCSMM, online or in writing, the requesting party must have your full name and IAHCSMM ID number. IAHCSMM will not release your ID number without your consent; employers or other prospective parties would need to obtain that information directly from you.

Upon becoming certified, and with every annual renewal, you will be issued a certificate for each certification you hold. The certificate(s) will detail the scope and dates of your certification(s) and can be used as a primary source document to verify your certification.

Aggregate Certification Data

Aggregate exam statistics (including the number of exam candidates, pass/fail rates, and total number of certificants) will be publicly available. Aggregate exam statistics, studies and reports concerning candidates/certificants will contain no information identifiable with any candidate, unless authorized in writing by the candidate.

Confidentiality Agreements

Applicants for certification will be required to read and acknowledge a confidentiality statement as part of the application process.

Access to Confidential Information

Access to confidential information will be limited to those individuals who require access in order to perform necessary work related to the certification program. Access will be granted in compliance with the provisions of the security policy. IAHCSMM Board members, employees, Certification Council members, committee members, contractors, and other individuals will use confidential information solely for the purpose of performing services for IAHCSMM.

This policy is not intended to prevent disclosure where disclosure is required by law.

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