Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why are partnerships due two months prior to their commencement/renewal date of January 1st?

A Because Partnerships are annual based, the first advertisement included with the partnership is shown in the January/February issue of Communiqué. There is a two month lead time for each magazine, and due to print deadlines, we can not extend the due date for partnerships.

Q Can I start my partnership after January?

A Partnerships are offering advertisement and exhibit rates at a bundled package price. Because your company would be losing either valuable advertising or exhibit space opportunities, your savings more than likely will be shown by purchasing items separately after January 31.

Q Some of the benefits do not apply to my company. Does IAHCSMM offer alternatives?

A IAHCSMM cannot show preference for one company over another by offering advantages that would only apply to select vendors. If benefits listed for one partner level do not apply to you, we invite you to explore the other partner types or purchasing items independently rather than as a bundled package.

Q As a partner, will IAHCSMM endorse my product or service?

A The term partner is not intended as an endorsement of any product or service provided by any company or institution not developed by IAHCSMM. Partners will receive a version of the IAHCSMM logo to display on their website to help clarify that the company is a supporter of IAHCSMM's educational endeavors.

Q Who can become a partner?

A Partner packages are intended for companies that have a direct day-to-day impact in a Central Service environment, and offer products or services for purchase to these professionals. IAHCSMM does not partner with educational or training facilities other than Purdue University.

Q Can I cancel a partnership?

A Once payment has been received, your partnership becomes active. With the first printed advertisement included with your partnership, your partnership becomes final and refunds would not be provided.

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