Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I have to purchase Lesson Plans before I can take them?

A Yes. Lesson Plans may be purchased individually, or in packages. Once you purchase them from the IAHCSMM Store, you will have immediate access to take them.


Q I submitted my Lesson Plan Quiz for grading and received an error, what happens next?

A More often than not, you may be one of many submitting your quizzes at the same time. It probably went through to IAHCSMM for grading, so check your Account Portal to make sure.


Q I did not pass my Lesson Plan - what happens next?

A Unfortunately, each time you take a quiz, a lesson plan is used. You may try to take the quiz again until you pass, but you will use another purchased plan each try.


Q I passed all my plans - now what?

A Your submitted plans will be automatically graded and recorded in your Account within two business days.


Q Why can't I sign in to the Lesson Plans?

A Please make sure you have purchased Lesson Plans. If so, you may need to use Activation Codes, which should have been emailed to you. For further information, contact Siri.

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