Frequently Asked Questions: 2019 IAHCSMM Board of Directors

Q What is required to serve on the Board of Directors?

AAccording to the IAHCSMM Bylaws, each member of the Board of Directors shall be subject to the following minimum qualifications while serving on the Board of Directors. Each member of the Board of Directors must:

  • Be an active member of the Association in good standing for at least one (1) year and must maintain that status throughout his/her term of office.
  • Be employed by a healthcare facility.
  • Hold and maintain CRCST certification throughout his/her term of office.

For the office of President-Elect, a candidate must have served on the Board of Directors.

(Beginning with the adoption of the Bylaws in 2018 -- Members of the Board of Directors (Chapter Reps) who served on the Board of Directors from 2014-2018 will be grandfathered in and will be eligible to run for the office of President-Elect. A list of those eligible to serve can be found at iahcsmm.org/about/nominationform.html)


Q Which Board positions must be filled this year?

APresident-Elect and Six (6) Directors.


President-Elect: President-Elect will be elected by the membership to serve three consecutive one-year terms:

  • President-Elect (2019-2020)
  • President (2020-2021)
  • Past President (2021-2022).

Directors: Six (6) Directors will be elected by the membership.

  • Three (3) Directors will be elected to serve a one-year term
  • Three (3) Directors will be appointed to serve a two-year term.


Q Why are there different terms of office for the Directors?

AThe Board of Directors structure recently changed with the passing of the IAHCSMM Bylaws. This will be the first time that the Directors are elected by the membership. The terms of office will be staggered in 2019 only. This will ensure that going forward we will not be replacing all the Directors at one time. Beginning with the 2020 election, three directors will be elected every year.


Q What is the process for the running for the Board?

AMembers may nominate a qualified individual or themselves to run for office by December 3, 2018. Those who accept the nomination, must submit information outlining their professional skills and experience by December 14, 2018. The IAHCSMM nominating committee will select the individuals to be on the final ballot and the election will take place March 18 – April 8, 2019.

A press release announcing the winners will be sent to the membership and winners will be officially introduced at the 2019 membership meeting which takes place during the Annual Conference.


Q What paperwork is required from someone who accepts a nomination?

AIf someone is nominated and accepts the nomination, they must submit the following documentation to be considered by the Nominating Committee:

  • Resume/vitae including contact information
  • Two professional letters of reference
  • Board of Directors Application with answers to the following questions:

1. Are you able to dedicate the commitment of time to the Board of Directors (attending out of town meetings, monthly conference calls, corresponding with other members on a regular basis)?

2. Do you have a commitment from your employer to serve on the Board of Directors?

3. Why do you want to serve on the IAHCSMM Board of Directors?

4. Please list current and prior IAHCSMM involvement at the national or local levels (i.e. leadership roles, committee participation, volunteer activities, etc.)

5. How would you support the current mission and vision of IAHCSMM?

6. Describe the critical issues you think the central service profession will face over your possible Board tenure. What is IAHCSMM’s role in addressing these issues?

7. What specific leadership, life and business expertise would you bring to your IAHCSMM’s Board service?

8. Describe any unique qualifications that may set you apart from other candidates and position you to be an effective board member.

9. Do you have any involvement with other membership, certifying, not-for-profit organizations, or for-profit entities or any other associations that could create a potential conflict with IAHCSMM Board service?

10. Has any disciplinary or civil action been entered against you either by a certifying body, association, governmental agency or legal body? If yes, please explain.


Q What is the time and commitment required to serve on the Board?

AIt is important to gain the support from your employer and colleagues regarding the time commitment required (see Leadership letter template on page 11). There is some travel required to serve on the Board. The Board meets in person at least two times per year (usually, in August and the following February). Board members are also required to attend the Annual Conference. Additional projects and issues may arise that require the Board’s input.


Q What do members of the Board get in return for their service?

AMembers of the Board receive professional and personal benefits, including:

  • Opportunities to network with industry leaders;
  • Chances to share their knowledge and expertise with others;
  • Professional recognition that elevates their stature within the Central Service community; and
  • Relationships with new professional friends and colleagues, and the development of lifelong mentors.


Q What is the deadline for the Nominee Acceptance form and required information?

AThe deadline to return the form is December 14, 2018.


Q Will I incur any personal expenses as a Board member?

AIAHCSMM covers travel expenses to all Board meetings. This includes airfare, hotel and meal expenses.


Q What can I do to prepare for a position on the IAHCSMM Board?

ABecoming involved in the profession at the Chapter and National level can be a great way to meet and network with other Central Service professionals, and develop the skills necessary to be a successful IAHCSMM Board member.

  • Join a Chapter Committee or an IAHCSMM Committee
  • Serve on your local Chapter Board
  • Join and participate in other professional organizations


Q Who is the ideal candidate?

AThere is no “ideal” board candidate. Instead, IAHCSMM seeks a Board that includes individuals with diverse work, life, social, and educational backgrounds. This diversity facilitates well-rounded decisions that reflect the entire membership. Board members should:

  • Have the ability to think strategically about the Association and the Central Service profession;
  • Be personable, easy to approach, accessible to members;
  • Be able to make decisions that benefit the overall organization; and
  • Have an appreciation for and an understanding of the merits of diversity.

In addition, the Nominating Committee will consider the following when selecting candidates for the final ballot:

  • Demonstrated understanding of the Association and willingness to support the mission and vision of the Association.
  • Activities/involvement with the Association, and/or other contributions made to the Association
  • Previous Board of Directors (Chapter Representative) Experience
  • Association Chapter involvement
  • Education (including Certifications held)
  • Demonstrated CS experience
  • Special skills or knowledge, particularly notable accomplishments
  • Presentations/publications
  • Other related organization or professional participation
  • Any unique qualifications possessed by the nominee


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