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Establishing a Local Chapter

IAHCSMM-sponsored meetings are a great way to learn the basics of and to keep-up with your profession.  However, attendance at these national or regional meetings typically requires the time and cost commitment for travel to, often, distant meeting site locations.

IAHCSMM local chapters provide additional opportunities to learn and network on a closer-to-home and more frequent basis.  Like the national meetings, local chapter sessions can be educational and enjoyable and, with your team of dedicated and creative leaders and other volunteers, they will be.

Why is an active IAHCSMM chapter important to you and other CS professionals in your area?  Several reasons include:

  • Information learned and shared will benefit the members' healthcare facilities.
  • A localized network of CS professionals will be formed, and members can help each other to address their departments' challenges.
  • Meetings allow professionals with common interests to enjoy social opportunities.
  • Attendance at approved chapter educational sessions provides additional opportunities for members to earn re-certification points.

In many areas, CS professionals already know some of their peers in other facilities because they meet at seminars, hospital open-houses, local training programs, or other meetings.  They use these venues as opportunities to share ideas and to keep-up with the world of healthcare in general and the Central Service profession more specifically.  For many, these informal conversations lead to the question: "Why don't we organize a more formal and on-going method to interact with other CS professionals?"  This idea about forming an IAHCSMM chapter can then lead to the process of determining if others are interested in establishing an IAHCSMM local chapter.

Needs Assessment Survey

A needs assessment survey can help to assess the extent of interest in chapter formation, and a simple survey that can be distributed (e-mailed) to those in nearby facilities is shown below.  Note: state hospital associations can assist with mailing lists for initial contacts, and vendors who visit many hospitals may also be able to provide contact information, if necessary.  It will be helpful if members of the chapter organizing team who know some potential members contact potential members in advance of the survey to review the potential benefits of an IAHCSMM local chapter and to indicate that the survey will be forthcoming.

If survey results suggest significant potential interest, the next step can be to schedule a date and time for an informational meeting and to send out a notice indicating that the purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the formation of the local chapter.  The agenda can include:

  • A discussion about the purpose of and possible activities to be sponsored by the local chapter.
  • A review of a local chapter's possible Bylaws.

pdfSample Needs Assessment Survey

pdfFrequently Asked Questions concerning local chapters.

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