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Local Chapter Officers

Examples of the basic duties and responsibilities of local chapter officers on the local chapter's Board are provided below:

All Board Members:

  • Agree to serve for the time of their appointment, if possible.
  • Attend the majority of board meetings and contribute ideas to benefit the local chapter.
  • Serve as a chairperson or coordinator on a local chapter committee if requested by the President.
  • Participate in projects of the local chapter if requested by the President.  Note: The Immediate Past President may serve as an advisor to the board because of his/her past experience with the local chapter.

The President:

  • The President should be familiar with the local chapter's BYLAWS and should have a basic understanding of parliamentary procedure.  However, it is important to be tactful and use "common sense," especially with small groups and when Board members are not familiar with parliamentary procedure.
  • Other potential duties and responsibilities of the President may include:
    • Assist board members in the planning and scheduling of chapter meetings.
    • Coordinate correspondence with the local chapter secretary.
    • Consistently comply with local chapter BYLAWS.
    • Coordinate the formulation of a proposed annual budget.
    • Coordinate the development of short and long-term goals and the plans to attain them.

pdfClick here to download the Guidelines for Chapter Presidents

The Vice President:

  • Assist the President with his/her responsibilities when requested to do so.
  • Act as chairperson, coordinator, or advisor on committees as appointed by the President.

The Secretary:

  • Write appreciation letters to speakers, those organizing meetings, and the representatives of facilities that sponsor meetings.
  • Assure the BYLAW amendments and/or additions are recorded in the BYLAWS.
  • Maintain each member's activity record.
  • Send a welcoming letter and membership certificate to new members and maintain a record of certificates distributed.
  • Gather information from surveys and studies and develop this input into a report form.

The Treasurer:

  • Maintain a balanced checkbook and proof of receipts, bills, bank statements, and other financial records.
  • Assure that paid members have a current membership card.
  • Prepare renewal notices to be sent to members.
  • Submit records to auidtors as directed by the local chapter's Board.
  • Develop reports of receipts, advertisements, assets, liabilities, and cash balances.

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