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How to Attain Fellowship with IAHCSMM


  • Must be an active member in good standing for at least five years and hold the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) designation;
  • Must have responsibility for direction of a Central Service (CS) department of a healthcare facility or have an interest by virtue of practice; and
  • Must submit a detailed, well-researched, referenced and well-written paper on a topic pertinent to the CS profession, such as processes and/or practices that led to targeted, quantifiable improvements within the department or facility (please click on the "Research Paper Requirements" tab for more specific details and guidelines), a Curriculum Vitae and two professional letters of recommendation. The Curriculum Vitae should include:
    • Education, including degrees and certifications;
    • Employment experience as it relates to the CS field;
    • Membership affiliations (years of membership, committees services, membership activities, etc.); and
    • Professional development, including industry presentations, articles written, awards received and other activities that promote the CS profession.


Step 1: Submit the following to IAHCSMM headquarters:

  • Fellowship application;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Two letters of Recommendation; and 
  • Research paper topic and detailed outline.

Step 2: The Fellowship Committee will review the application and research paper outline. The candidate will be contacted regarding the next steps in the Fellowship process.

Step 3: Submit final research paper and cover letter to the Fellowship Committee.*

Step 4: Final research paper will be reviewed by the Fellowship Committee.

Step 5: The applicant will sit for an interview with the Fellowship Committee during the IAHCSMM Annual Conference to demonstrate knowledge of the information presented in the research paper.

Step 6: The Fellowship Committee will meet to determine whether or not to grant Fellowship.

Step 7: If Fellowship is granted, the recipient will be recognized at the IAHCSMM Annual Conference.*

*Applications and research papers must be submitted to IAHCSMM by Dec. 31 of each year to be considered for acceptance at the next IAHCSMM Annual Conference. Research papers that are submitted by Dec. 31 but require additional editing/rewrites, as directed by the Fellowship Committee, will need to be finalized/approved by the Fellowship Committee by March 1 to be considered for acceptance at the next IAHCSMM Annual Conference.

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