Upcoming Conferences

Past Conferences

Beginning in 2006, IAHCSMM began holding one conference annually, predominantly held each year in early spring.  Below is a listing of all Annual Conferences, followed by Fall and Winter conferences (when applicable).

Spring Annual Conferences
June 1964New York, NY1 
May 1965Memphis, TN2 
April 1966Los Angeles, CA3 
May 1967New Orleans, LA4 
May 1968Atlanta, GA5 
April 1969Anaheim, CA6 
Spring 1970No Annual Meeting  
June 1971St. Louis, MO7 
June 1972Los Angeles, CA8 
June 1973Columbus, OH9 
April 1974Kansas City, MO10 
Spring 1975No Annual Meeting  
February 1976San Diego, CA11 
February 1977Tampa, FL12 
February 1978New Orleans, LA13 
February 1979Tucson, AZ14 
February 1980Tampa, FL15 
Marcy 1981Anaheim, CA16 
March 1982New Orleans, LA17 
March 1983Albuquerque, NM18 
March 1984Dallas, TX19 
March 1985Chicago, IL20 
March 1986Arlington, WV21 
April 1987Las Vegas, NV22 
May 1988Philadelphia, PA23 
May 1989Long Beach, CA24 
May 1990New Orleans, LA25 
May 1991Las Vegas, NV26 
May 1992Houston, TX27 
May 1993Atlantic City, NJ28 
May 1994Tulsa, OK29 
May 1995Portland, OR30 
April 1996San Francisco, CA31 
May 1997Dallas, TX32 
May 1998Miami, FL33 
May 1999Philadelphia, PA34 
May 2000Reno, NV35 
May 2001St. Louis, MO36 
May 2002Orlando, FL37 
May 2003Branson, MO38 
May 2004Long Beach, CA39 
May 2005Cleveland, OH40 
May 2006Las Vegas, NV41 
May 2007Atlanta, GA42 
May 2008Reno, NV43 
May 2009Orlando, FL44 
May 2010San Diego, CA45 
May 2011Louisville, KY46 
May 2012Albuquerque, NM47 
May 2013San Diego, CA48 
May 2014Columbus, OH49 
May 2015Fort Lauderdale, FL50 
April 2016San Antonio, TX51 
May 2017Nashville, TN52 
April 2018Phoenix, AZ53 
April 2019Anaheim, CA54 
April 2020 (virtual)Chicago, IL55 
April 2021 (Coming Soon!)Columbus, OH56 
Fall Meetings
October 1964New York, NY  
October 1965Dallas, TX  
October 1966Washington, DC  
November 1967New York, NY  
October 1968St. Louis, MO  
October 1969Miami Beach, FL  
October 1970New York, NY  
October 1971Montreal, Canada  
October 1972Philadelphia, PA  
November 1973Boston, MA  
November 1974Carefree, AZ  
November 1975Williamsburg, VA  
October 1976Boston, MA  
November 1977Salt Lake City, UT  
November 1978Kansas City, MO  
October 1979Chattanooga, TN  
October 1980Hunt Valley, MD  
October 1981Colorado Springs, CO  
October 1982Richmond, VA  
October 1983Fort Lauderdale, FL  
October 1984Honolulu, HI  
October 1985Cincinnati, OH  
October 1986Salt Lake City, UT  
November 1987Orlando, FL  
November 1988St. Louis, MO  
November 1989Kailua-Kona, HI  
November 1990Montreal, Canada  
November 1991Miami, FL  
November 1992Boston, MA  
November 1993Little Rock, AR  
November 1994Pittsburgh, PA  
November 1995Orlando, FL  
November 1996Indianapolis, IN  
November 1997Baltimore, MD  
November 1998Albuquerque, NM  
November 1999Chicago, IL  
November 2000Birmingham, AL  
November 2001Pittsburgh, PA  
November 2002San Antonio, TX  
November 2003Cancun, Mexico  
November 2004Boston, MA  
November 2005Norfolk, VA  
Winter Meetings
February 1965St. Louis, MO  
February 1966Miami, FL  
February 1967Chicago, IL  
February 1968Los Angeles, CA  
March 1969Washington, DC  
February 1970Chicago, IL  
February 1971San Francisco, CA  
February 1972New Orleans, LA  
February 1973Atlanta, GA  
February 1974San Francisco, CA  
February 1975Miami Beach, FL  

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