Endoscope Reprocessing Manual

This manual will assist readers in learning the science behind the discipline, as well as the why’s and how’s of endoscope reprocessing tasks. That knowledge will help those working in the discipline to succeed on the job and keep quality and patient safety at the forefront of every process. The purpose of the manual is to provide information that enhances the knowledge of those responsible for reprocessing endoscopes and those who manage the process.

Welcome to Endoscope Reprocessing

1st Edition Instrument Resource Manual

In today’s healthcare environment, there is great emphasis placed on technicians’ ability to fully understand and apply reprocessing techniques to a variety of medical devices that range from the simplest surgical instruments to the newest and most complex forms of medical technology. To allow for successful procedures, complex medical devices have certain reprocessing requirements that involve numerous steps and the reprocessing technician’s detailed knowledge of the device’s sophisticated and intricate design. One of the most complex and expensive medical devices found in today’s healthcare environment is the flexible endoscope.

IAHCSMM has developed endoscope reprocessing resources that may be purchased as stand-alone manuals and workbooks, or for greater savings, can be combined into a boxed course (includes both the manual and workbook).

Ordering Endoscope Course Materials

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