Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why is Continuing Education important?

AContinuing Education is important because it keeps certified individuals abreast of changes in the industry, new and emerging technologies, and informed on policies that directly impact the Central Service/Sterile Processing department.


Q Why did IAHCSMM stop random auditing of points?

A To better ensure that all certified members are completing their required continuing education, IAHCSMM stopped doing random auditing in 2001, and began requiring submission of points from all currently certified members.


Q Where can I get Continuing Education?

AIAHCSMM offers an online lesson plan grading system for a nominal fee. By purchasing pre-paid credits through our online store, you can then read and take quizzes on our website. Your grades are immediately sent to IAHCSMM electronically and applied to your account.


Q Are there other options for Continuing Education?

APlease refer to the pdfPoint Submission form for a complete listing of options available for continuing education.


Q Can I use a purchase order (PO) to place my order?

AIAHCSMM does not accept purchase orders of any kind: payment in full is due with an order form or when ordering online.


Q I signed up for a test, am I eligible to order books to study at a member discount?

AYou are not eligible for discounts until you are an IAHCSMM Active or Associate member (complimentary membership is included for the balance of the current billing cycle, upon successful passing of the CRCST exam).


Q If I'm buying 10 of a textbook, can I select a different item as my free book?

AYou will automatically receive an additional copy of the same book.


Q Can I mix and match the 10 books ordered or accumulate the ten over time?

AThe offer is only valid for purchases of 10 or more of the same title, received in one order.


Q If I over-ordered books, can I return them for a credit?

AIAHCSMM does not accept returns for any of the publications ordered. Please order only quantities actually needed.


Q Can I have materials shipped using my account with FedEx or other non-UPS carriers?

AYou may provide your own FedEx or UPS account number for shipping, however, there is a $25 third party shipping fee that must be paid prior to shipment. If IAHCSMM's shipping rate is equal to or less than this third party shipping fee, we recommend using the applicable shipping charge already built into your order.


Q Can I have my books sent to my PO Box?

AUPS is the exclusive carrier for all publications shipped by IAHCSMM, and requires a physical address (UPS does not ship to PO Boxes).


Q Should I buy the manual or the boxed course?

AThe choice is yours, the boxed course has a study work book to further help prepare you and focus your studies.


Q As an instructor can I buy only text books for my students and use handouts instead of the workbook?

AMaterials published by IAHCSMM (textbooks, workbooks, quizzes, progress tests, etc.) are all copy righted, and duplication is expressly forbidden.

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