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Education for Central Service Professionals

C-Step introduces web-based training designed to educate and train Central Service technicians on topics related to their work.  Each course includes in-depth information, with interactive testing to validate learning.  Easy to use, focused and complete, this training is intended for today's Central Service professional.

Prepare to take the next step with detailed, comprehensive web-based education.  Complete an entire course in just a few sessions.

Disinfection ProgramDisinfection in the CSSD

Cleaning and decontamination of reusable medical devices is critical to safe patient care.  It requires a comprehensive understanding of chemical and thermal disinfection practices.  Understand the difference between low-level, intermediate-level and high-level disinfectants and how they are used.  Understand what items can be surface disinfected, and which items must receive high-level disinfection, or even sterilization.  The following topics are addressed in this course:
  • Important terms associated with disinfection practices
  • Risk levels associated with contaminated devices
  • Chemical selection
  • Spaulding principles
  • Safety concerns, regulations
  • Documentation requirements
  • Thermal disinfection

Take this course, and learn how to enhance your understanding of the disinfection processes that play such an important role in patient safety.

IAHCSMM has approved the course for 2 Contact Hours.

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Program 1Ethics in the CSSD: Character, Integrity, Caring

Being successful in the workplace requires much more than technical skills. This program will examine the role of ethics in CSSD and discuss how ethical behaviors build healthy relationships and healthy teams.

Ethics in the CSSD Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • List the basic principles of ethics.
  • Discuss character as it relates to work relationships.
  • Explain the importance of integrity in the workplace.
  • Discuss the role of teamwork in the CSSD.

IAHCSMM has approved the course for 2 Contact Hours.

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Program 2Microbiology in Central Service

Each day, CS professionals work diligently to prevent infection. The biggest challenge is controlling the spread of microorganisms. Too small to see with the naked eye, microorganisms present a very serious threat to patients and to healthcare facility staff. This program will discuss basic concepts about microorganisms to help provide a better understanding of methods to manage their spread and reduce the threat of infection.

Microbiology in Central Service Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • List basic facts about microorganisms.
  • Explain identification and classification of microorganisms.
  • Discuss common pathogens in health care facilities.
  • List conditions that optimize bacterial growth.
  • Discuss transmission of microorganisms from persons and places.
  • Identify procedures to control and kill microorganisms.

IAHCSMM has approved the course for 2 Contact Hours.

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Safety ProgramSafety in the CSSD

Safety in the CSSD brings important concepts of the vital necessity of the CS technician to work safely within the medical facility. Without a good understanding of potential hazards in the department, injuries can quickly happen. This course covers:
  • Making the department a safe place to work
  • OSHA regulations
  • Safety Data Sheets - SDS
  • PPE
  • Ergonomics
  • Fire, Chemical, Biohazards concerns
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Equipment safety

Take this course to enhance your knowledge of CSSD safety. Protect yourself and others in the medical facility.

IAHCSMM has approved the course for 2 Contact Hours.

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About C-STEP

The C-STEP education courses have been designed for ease of use.  The courses contain important information that every CS professional needs and include many current best practices.  These interactive courses use a combination of graphics, audio and text to provide good information in a very user-friendly format.  Quizzes allow the participants to monitor their own progress.  The C-STEP courses are a must-have for any Sterile Processing department.

Bruce Krolikowski, Director of Central Sterile
Oswego Hospital
Oswego, NY

The C-STEP programs present interesting and pertinent topics, such as ethics and safety, in a fresh and interactive format that is appropriate for staff of all technical levels. The programs' focus is on Central Service, but the topics are broad enough to also apply to staff in other hospital areas.

Lisa Huber, Manager of Sterile Processing
Anderson Hospital
Maryville, IL


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