The term 'central' is indeed befitting for a profession that truly is at the heart of safe, high-quality patient care and exemplary customer service. It's here, in the dynamic, fast-paced, challenging, and highly technical CS department that reusable surgical instruments and medical devices are cleaned, inspected, disinfected, and/or sterilized prior to their use on subsequent patients. But before CS departments can properly function, they need to be equipped with more than just sterilizers, disinfecting tubs and other complex machineries. They need qualified and educated staff.

IAHCSMM prides itself on providing focused textbooks, workbooks and boxed training courses for those wishing to enter the field of Central Service, those wanting to specialize their training and those aspiring to become the leaders of tomorrow. Scholarships allow those in need to either receive the study materials, apply to take the certification exam, or both. Company-based scholarships should have the selection process designed by the sponsoring company and winners can be designated by the Association or sponsor (dependent on setup of scholarship criteria).

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