IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo
Get Inspired Through Networking, Collaborating and Learning from Industry Leaders Join IAHCSMM in Phoenix, AZ, April 29 - May 2, 2018

Conference Value Letter

IAHCSMM recognizes that healthcare professionals must justify costs and work absences associated with attending off-site educational meetings. We also recognize that many of you dedicated, quality-focused Central Service department professionals pay their own way and reserve vacation time to attend IAHCSMM Annual Conferences and other educational programs.

We developed this Value Letter to help you make a strong business case to management about the benefits of attending the IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo -- and why budgeting expenses and time off will deliver significant value to the healthcare organization, as a whole.

Step One

Download the docAnnual Conference Value Letter Word document so that you can address it to the appropriate person, sign it as an official request, and if you wish, print on your hospital letterhead.

Step Two

Download the pdfSession Outline Form. Print the page and simply "check-off" which sessions you wish to attend that will bring significant value to you and/or your department.

Step Three

Deliver all items to your Manager, Director or other qualifying person.

We encourage you to keep this Value Letter on file and modify it, as needed, for future meetings (local, regional or national) and other CS-related educational programs or endeavors where administrative support is required or beneficial.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or toll free at 800.962.8274.

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