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Managing Your Local Chapter

All IAHCSMM Constituent Chapters act autonomously and are responsible for providing programs of regional interest, collecting local dues and handling all business relevant to the chapter.

Chapters must submit an Annual Chapter Recharter to continue affiliation with IAHCSMM.  Recharter Forms are due annually by February 1st. For more information, click here.

IAHCSMM currently has Constituent Chapters in the United States and abroad.  Each chapter appoints or elects a liaison to IAHCSMM.  This is usually the Chapter President.  This member represents the chapter on the Board of Directors.  If a chapter has 300 or more active members they will be allowed to have a maximum of two directors from the same constituent chapter.  The Executive Board of Directors may appoint delegates-at-large to represent the individual membership where there is no constituent chapter.  Elected officers of constituent chapters must be active members of IAHCSMM.  (Active members shall be those persons who are employed in a Healthcare Central Service or Materiel Management Department).

Chapter Representatives are required to sign and submit the Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy.

A Chapter Representative is required to attend the Board of Directors meeting which is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference.  The representative will receive a waived registration for the conference.  Periodic meetings may also take place via conference calls throughout the year.  Representatives unable to attend a meeting of the Association may appoint a substitute representative from the chapter.

IAHCSMM headquarters receives several inquiries regarding Chapter activities.  To help answer these questions Chapters should provide headquarters staff with:

  • Changes in officers and contact information
  • Updates of chapter information posted on the IAHCSMM website
  • Dates and brochures of any upcoming chapter programs

A Constituent Chapter which fails to comply with the bylaws or for other cause deemed sufficient may be disqualified as a constituent chapter by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors, provided due notice has been given to the chapter at least 3 months before the vote is taken.  A chapter that has been disqualified may be reinstated by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.

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