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IAHCSMM is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. The IAHCSMM Board has established the Certification Council and granted authority to the Certification Council to independently make essential decisions related to standards, policies, and procedures of the certification program. These decisions are made independently of, and under no influence by, any other individual or business entity within or outside of IAHCSMM.

The Certification Council is responsible for the development of the requirements for eligibility, examination, and re-certification for the certification programs as established in the IAHCSMM Bylaws. The Certification Council has developed the certification program to increase the quality of patient care by recognizing competent central service technicians, instrument specialists, and healthcare leaders.

The Certification Council is solely responsible for essential decisions related to the development, administration, and ongoing maintenance of the certification programs. The Certification Council ensures that all application and eligibility requirements, examination development and administration, re-certification requirements, and all certification program policies and procedures are directly related to the scope of the certification programs as stated above. Issues that fall outside of the scope and purpose of the certification programs fall outside of the authority of the Certification Council.

The IAHCSMM Certification Council is now accepting nominations to fill three upcoming vacancies in 2018. Please click on the Nominations tab for more information.

Certificant Council Nominations

The Certification Council is now accepting nominations to fill three upcoming openings, the terms and responsibilities of which are detailed on the nominations page, linked below:

  • Certificant Representative, 3 year term

Certificant Representatives are voting members who serve to represent those who hold certifications granted by IAHCSMM and the Certification Council.

  • Industry Stakeholder, 2 year term

Industry Stakeholders are voting members who serve to represent stakeholder groups such as hospital administrators, infection control specialists, or representatives from such associations as AORN, AAMI, or AST.

  • Public Member, 2 year term

Public Members are voting members who serve to represent the interests of surgical patients, such as patients themselves or patient advocates.

Nominations may be submitted online, via the link below. Nominations will be accepted through Nov 17, 2017 and voting will take place in December. Newly elected Council members will take office on Jan 1, 2017. Individuals are welcome to nominate themselves or a colleague/co-worker. Individuals who accept a nomination will be asked to submit additional background information.

Online Certification Council Nomination Form

For more details regarding the duties and composition of the Certification Council, please see the Duties & Responsibilities page.

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