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IAHCSMM Certifications

The Importance of Certification

Patients rarely meet Central Service (CS) professionals, but they rely on them just the same.  They count on technicians for clean, sterile, well-functioning instruments. They count on them to follow best practices and stay ahead of the technology curve.

Certification helps meet these expectations and ensures that CS professionals possess the essential knowledge and skills necessary for managing critical departmental duties safely, effectively and consistently. What's more, the ongoing education required for CS professionals to maintain their certification status helps ensure that these professionals stay on top of ever-evolving instrumentation, technology, standards and best practices to keep CS departments functioning at peak performance.

IAHCSMM began formal certification of CS technicians in 1971 to provide a mechanism for individuals to be recognized as having the necessary competence to perform their duties as Central Service professionals.

IAHCSMM Currently Offers Five (5) Certifications


The introductory certification for CS professionals.



A secondary certification for instrumentation.



A certification for endoscope reprocessing.



A secondary certification for CS management.



A certification specifically for CS vendors.


About IAHCSMM Certification Exams

All IAHCSMM certification exams are computer based and no writing instruments are needed (a paper and pencil version of the exam is not available.) The tests are comprised of 150 multiple choice questions and you will have 3 hours in which to complete them. Questions can be marked for review and answered or changed later in the exam. A 15 minute tutorial describing how to take the exam on the computer precedes the test and is also available online, here.

Please Note: IAHCSMM has developed educational materials as an optional method to assist individuals in preparing for certification exams. These tools were developed and produced independently from the Certification Council, which does not develop, require, approve or endorse any specific training materials.

For detailed information on IAHCSMM Certifications, please review the pdfCertification Handbook.

Applicants with a Disability?

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How to Obtain Certification

Download and review the pdfIAHCSMM Certification Handbook and the exam specific application for the certification you wish to achieve and prepare for the desired certification exam through self-study or a certification course, or based on your personal knowledge from working in the CS/SP field.

Meet the eligibility requirements for the appropriate examination, as shown on pages 5-10 of the Certification Handbook, before submitting your application. When ready to test, and be granted an exam eligibility period, submit the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • The appropriate application fee in the form of check (US only), credit/debit card, or money order. All exams taken within the United States and Canada are $125 USD. All exams taken outside of the US or Canada are $150 USD.

Upon determination of your examination eligibility you will receive an exam scheduling letter/email granting you permission to take the computer-based certification examination within a 90-day period. Schedule an appointment to take the examination within the 90-day eligibility period indicated on your scheduling letter/email. No extensions will be provided once the 90 days has been granted. (If testing outside of the US or Canada visit www.prometric.com/iahcsmm for a list of Prometric testing locations in your area.)

Take the examination at the Prometric Testing Center of your choice. Upon completion of the examination your preliminary pass/fail result will be immediately issued at the testing center.

Your passing examination notice and certification package will be mailed within two (2) weeks. Your certification will be valid for one (1) year and the package will contain information on maintaining your certification.
Your failing examination report and retake information will be mailed within one (1) week. You may take the certification exam again, after a six-week waiting period, by submitting the retake application provided with your examination report (along with all applicable fees.)

Maintain your certification annually by submitting Continuing Education (CE) points and certification renewal fees.

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