Certification 3

Content & Composition of the Examination

The CIS exam will test your proficiency in these areas:

       • Introduction to Surgical Instruments
       • Instrument Decontamination
       • Instrument Identification, Inspection, and Testing
       • Factors Influencing the Sterilization Process
       • Instrument Inspection & Assembly
       • Instrument Quality Assurance
       • Instrument Information System
       • Safety for Instrument Technicians
       • The Human Side of the Instrument System
       • The Role of the User in Instrument Care

The exam is computer based and no writing instruments are needed (a written version of the exam is not available.) The test is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions and you will have 2.5 hours in which to complete the exam. Questions can be marked for review and answered or changed later in the exam. A 15 minute tutorial describing how to take the exam on the computer precedes the test and is also available online, here. For more information regarding the testing process please see the Certification Testing section.

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