Certification 3

How to Prepare for the Examination

Those interested in becoming a Certified Endoscope Reprocessor (CER) can prepare in one of the following ways:

  • Self Study: You may purchase reference materials and choose to study on your own to prepare for the CER exam. IAHCSMM's Endoscope Reprocessing Manual (1st ed.) was used as a reference in creating the CER exam, along with ANSI/AAMI's ST91 (2015 ed.), and the following articles by the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA): Standard of Infection Prevention in the Gastroenterology Setting (2019), and Standards for Infection Prevention in Reprocessing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes (2018).
    You can order the IAHCSMM and ANSI/AAMI publications through the IAHCSMM store and download the above articles from the SGNA website.
  • Work Experience: You may take the exam based on your personal knowledge from experience in the field; it is not required that you take or pass a preparatory course, nor study materials on your own. Applicants can apply directly to take the exam without purchasing study materials or enrolling in a course.

CER certification also requires the completion of three months of hands-on experience reprocessing endoscopes prior to testing. Because of the complex nature of endoscopes, firsthand experience is essential to supplement an individual’s understanding of the concepts, knowledge, and standards necessary to be successful reprocessing endoscopes and on the CER Exam. More information on the accumulation of these hours can be found under the Requirements section.

Please Note: IAHCSMM’s education department developed some of the materials referenced above as an optional method to assist individuals in preparing for the CER exam. They were developed and produced independently from the Certification Council, which does not develop, require, approve, or endorse any specific training materials. Online/distance learning courses are not available for the CER.

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