Certification 3

CER Certification

Certified Endoscope Reprocessor

In recent years, few areas of sterile processing have seen such rapid, and necessary, change as endoscope reprocessing. To help insure that endoscope reprocessing professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle this rapidly evolving specialty, IAHCSMM has developed the Certified Endoscope Reprocessor (CER) exam.

IAHCSMM’s Certified Endoscope Reprocessor exam will test your proficiency in regard to the transport, testing, cleaning, inspection, disinfection/sterilization, and storage of endoscopes in accordance with industry standards, guidelines and regulations, and manufactures’ instructions for use.

The CER is a standalone certification. CRCST certification is NOT required in order to test.

Exam results for December's CER pilot exam will be released on Feb 28, 2018. Regular CER testing will begin in March of 2018 and applications will be available starting in February.

For additional information on the CER program, please review the pdfCertification Handbook, as well as the CER Scope, Preparation, Content & Composition, and Requirements pages.

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