Certification Testing

Q Can I test at my hospital?

A No, IAHCSMM certification exams are available exclusively at Prometric Testing Centers worldwide.


Q If all of the certification exams are given at Prometric Testing Centers, is there a tutorial that will teach me how to take an exam on a computer?

A The IAHCSMM website offers an Online Tutorial which will describe the look and feel of the exam, and walk you through the process of answering questions or marking questions for later review. This same tutorial is offered on-site at Prometric Testing Centers when you take your exam, and does not count against your allotted time window to complete the exam.


Q When are IAHCSMM exams offered?

A IAHCSMM certification exams are available through Prometric testing centers. Most test centers are open at least 6 days a week. Once your completed application and payment has been received and processed, you will have 90 days to schedule and take your exam. IAHCSMM certification exams have no set testing dates or times; availability of testing appointments depends on the site and date you select. We recommend scheduling your exam within the first 45 days of your eligibility to ensure availability of a date and time that best fits your schedule.


Q I have special needs, how can I get the necessary accommodations for my test?

A Included with your exam application, you must submit a Special Accommodations form, completed by your physician/medical professional detailing your need for accommodations.


Q Can I make payments over the phone?

A While we are not able to accept exam payments by phone, you are welcome to submit your application and payment by mail, fax, or email.


Q I live outside the United States, how can I pay for the exam?

A Using a credit/debit card or bank draft/money order drawn on U.S. funds.


Q My driver's license/state ID/passport shows my middle name/initial, is that ok?

A Yes, only your first and last names must match, middle names/initials will not be verified when checking in for your testing appointment. However, all first and last names must be listed (ie JoAnn John-Smith could not test if she only listed her name as Jo Smith.)


Q I have signed up for an exam but am not ready to take my test, can I have an extension for my eligibility?

A No, unfortunately, we do not offer extensions. It is highly recommended to send in your exam application only when you are sufficiently prepared to sit for the exam.


Q Can I contact IAHCSMM to reschedule my exam date?

A No, all scheduling and rescheduling of appointments must be done through Prometric by phone at 800.998.1942 or online at www.prometric.com/iahcsmm.


Q I missed my exam appointment, do I have to pay to retake my test?

A Yes, missing an exam appointment forfeits your exam payment. A new application and payment will be required in order to receive a new testing eligibility.


Q If I fail the exam, how soon can I attempt to take the exam again?

A There is a mandatory six week waiting period between exam attempts.


Q If I fail (or pass) the exam, can I have a copy of my exam so I can review which questions I missed?

A For the sake of our exams' integrity, we cannot provide copies of exam questions or answers.


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