Exam Preparation

Q Can I order my books and sign up for the exam at the same time?

A We recommend only applying to test when you are done studying. Once we receive your exam application, your 90 day testing eligibility opens immediately (prior to even receiving the study materials.) We therefore recommend purchasing study materials, and then sending in your exam application only when you have finished reviewing and are ready to sit for the exam.


Q How long do I have to take the exam after I've completed my course/studies?

A There is no time constraint; you may take it whenever you feel you are ready, though we recommend taking the exam sooner than later so that the information you learned is still fresh in your mind.


Q I finished a course some time ago and was told that I was registered, is this still valid?

A The registered title (RCST) is no longer in use because it was often confused with certification. IAHCSMM now simply refers to individuals as being certified (CRCST) or non-certified.


Q I've been working in the field for years, or took a course several years ago, do I need to take a current course before applying for the exam?

A It is entirely your choice how you prepare for a certification exam. You are welcome to purchase study material for review, take a local or online course, or challenge an exam based on your working knowledge and experience in the field.


Q If I do not complete or pass a local or correspondence course, am I still able to take the CRCST Exam?

A Yes, you are welcome to challenge the exam.


Q I hold another CS certification or have years of experience in CS. Do I need to take the CRCST exam in order to become IAHCSMM certified?

A Yes, IAHCSMM certifications are only granted to those who take and pass our certification exams and complete any required hands-on/observation experience. Certifications held by other groups or associations cannot be transferred to an IAHCSMM certification, nor are we able to grandfather individuals based on their years of experience working in the field.


Q Is there a practice exam specifically for the CRCST, CER, CIS or CHL?

A Outside of the quizzes and progress tests found in our study workbooks, IAHCSMM does not offer practice tests for any of our certification exams. While various websites may offer practice exams, IAHCSMM has no hand in creating or reviewing them, and cannot in anyway guarantee their validity or usefulness.

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