Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there a fee to establish an account?

A There is no charge to register an account.  Job seekers can apply for positions at no charge.  Fees are charged to employers wishing to post a job listing.

Q Why is there a red "X" next to the job I applied for?

A When the job expires, according to a date pre-set by the employer, a red "X" appears next to the job title.

Q Why do some job postings not display the hiring company's name?

A Some companies choose to list their ads confidentially.  In these cases you will need to submit your application online and the employer will contact you with more information if they feel you are a good match for their job opening.

Q Do I have to type my cover letter into the boxes?

A You may copy and paste a text version of your cover letter into the cover letter fields, make any edits, and then submit the online form.

Q How can I expand my search options - Advanced Search?

A To view additional search options click on the arrow to the right of the "Search Jobs" button.  This will expand the Search box to display specific criteria such as state, job type, category, etc.

Q Can I spell-check my items?

A While the site does not include a spell-check function, we recommend using a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, to prepare your cover letter.

Q I have applied for a job or multiple jobs, but have not heard from one or more employers. Will my applications be acknowledged?

A After your CV or resume has been e-mailed to a specific employer, it is their responsibility to contact you. Some employers contact every applicant, but many only contact applicants they are interested in interviewing. Please note that jobs remain open on the site until a strikethrough line appears through the job application, indicating its expiration.

Q How do I update my contact information online?

A Once logged into your account, click on edit in the "My Contact Information" box to make any changes.  If you are unable to locate a previously used login, you may contact customer service online to have the information sent to your new e-mail address.  Be sure to note any previously used e-mail accounts that you may have entered when registering.

Q How can I tell if an application submitted successfully?

A To view applications submitted, click "My Account" from the top navigation.  After logging in, your account information will appear.  Under "Applications," displayed will be any jobs you have applied for and the date that the application was submitted.  When a job expires, according to a pre-established date set by the employer, a red "X" will appear next to the job application.  Applications appear in your account for 90 days from the date of submission.

Q When I apply for a job, will I be able to choose which document/CV/resume I would like to attach?

A Yes.  Once applying for a job, you can choose to attach up to five (5) documents.


Q I want to contact the company directly; how can I acquire their telephone number?

A Unless an employer lists their telephone number in their job posting, you will not be able to contact them.  You can submit your application online, however, and include a cover letter.  The employer can then contact any applicants that are a successful match for their position.

Q I just accepted a great job offer and am no longer looking; can I remove my resume/CV/document from your service?

A Congratulations!  You can remove your CV/resume from your account; however, you may wish to keep it in the database in the event that you should need it again.  You can edit the visibility of your profile to keep your information and all documents confidential.  Click on Edit in the professional profile box on "My Account" page.  Click on "Change Visibility" at the top right of your profile.  Choose "Do not make my professional profile searchable."  Be sure to hit the "Apply Changes" button!  The status of your professional profile should read "Not Searchable" on your "My Account" page.

Q Can I upload multiple resumes/CVs/documents to my account?

A You can upload up to five documents into your account.  When you submit an application, you can choose which documents you would like to attach.

Q I have uploaded my CV/resume into my account, but the text is not wrapping.  How will it appear when an employer views it?

A The text does wrap automatically wherever a hard return was used in the original document you pasted, and will appear wrapped when an employer views it.

Q How can I browse jobs by state and category?

A Although there is no longer a page devoted to browsing jobs by state or category, you can use the Job Search page to accomplish the same results.  Simply click on "Advanced Search" on the far right of the Search bar or one of the "Narrow by" criteria underlined in blue shown just above the job listings.  This will expand the search options where you will be able to select the states you want to see jobs listed.  If you do not enter any keywords you will see all jobs in that state.  You can also choose to list all jobs in a particular category, job type (full time, part time, etc.), education level or any other criteria available.

Q Can I make edits to a submitted application?

A Once an application is submitted your information is immediately sent to the employer.  Be sure to double check your information prior to submitting the application.

Q What is a Job Alert?

A Job Alerts send you daily emails of all the new jobs added that match your Job Alert criteria.  To create a Job Alert, sign in to your account, conduct a job search, then click the red "Email Me Job Alerts" button.  This will save this search to your account as a Job Alert.

Q I receive an error when I attempt to upload documents.  What should I do?

A If you are encountering errors while attempting to upload documents, please contact customer support at 888.491.8833 ext. 2497 for assistance.

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