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Advocacy at IAHCSMM

Our dedicated, focused advocacy initiatives assist IAHCSMM members and certified professionals in state certification efforts, while also playing a critical role in advancing the Association's visibility with state legislators and other elected officials.

IAHCSMM is a vigorous advocate for Central Service professionals and patients in state legislatures across the country.  IAHCSMM's top legislative priority is to ensure that there are certified Central Service technicians in every healthcare facility in every state.  Currently, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee are the only states to require certification of Central Service technicians.

The Advocacy department of IAHCSMM formulates a legislative/regulatory strategy for educating state-elected officials on the critical role of Central Service professionals by developing and carrying out state grassroots lobbying efforts, coordinating meetings with state legislators, governors, and agency officials, and testifying at state legislative and regulatory hearings.  Additionally, the Advocacy department is committed to building coalitions of support with other associations in order to create a stronger voice and greater advocacy momentum.

IAHCSMM believes that we are all patients.  Through the Advocacy department, IAHCSMM maintains one clear voice to create legislative/regulatory changes to ensure that every patient has an educated, certified Central Service technician responsible for reprocessing his or her instruments.

IAHCSMM's dedicated and focused advocacy efforts for required certification of Central Service technicians will promote quality healthcare, reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, and ensure successful patient care.

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