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Social Media

Companies seeking to bring smaller subsets of pre-qualified Sterile Processing professionals together to discuss issues, improvements or enhancements to newor existing products and services, can utilize IAHCSMM as a gateway. IAHCSMM will send your invitations to a pre-determined list and can advertise your interest (anonymously or not) on our website, sending potential candidates to a pre-screening site or web page of your choosing. Launches Q1 2021.


Facebook6,500+ followers
LinkedIn5,300+ followers

Base Rates

All rates are net, non-commissionable.

Image Posting$1,500
Video Posting$2,000
Image Posting$2,000
Video Posting$2,500


Posting DateFacebookLinkedIn
January 2021AvailableAvailable
February 2021AvailableAvailable
March 2021AvailableAvailable
April 2021One TrayOne Tray
May 2021AvailableAvailable
June 2021AvailableAvailable
July 2021AvailableAvailable
August 2021One TrayOne Tray
September 2021AvailableAvailable
October 2021AvailableAvailable
November 2021AvailableAvailable
December 2021AvailableAvailable

Terms & Conditions

File Requirements

Please be sure to include a corresponding URL for the advertisement. Note, some social media sites do not support direct links with photos and you should consider a vanity URL that will be posted below the image). If providing artwork: high-resolution .png or .jpg formats only. For these images, art must be high-resolution (300 dpi). All color must be CMYK, and cannot be submitted with spot colors. Images downloaded from websites will not be accepted. Panorama or 360 photos supported with Facebook. All artwork must be submitted in the correct size: Facebook: 600w x 225h pixels; LinkedIn: 1200w x 627h pixels

If providing video content: Facebook - video ratio should be 9:16 to 16:9. Video file size is a maximum of 4GB, and video length maximum is 3 minutes. Video captions and sound are optional but recommended. Headline maximum is 25 characters, and the description is a maximum of 30 characters. LinkedIn - video ratio should be 1:2.4 to 2.4:1 Video file size is a maximum of 200MB, and video length maximum is 3 minutes (LinkedIn recommends keeping video ads under 30 seconds for brand awareness and consideration goals).

Copy Regulations

Acceptance of advertising is subject to IAHCSMM’s approval and with agreement by the advertiser to indemnify and protect from loss or expense resulting from claims or suits based upon content or subject matter of advertising. This includes suits for libel, plagiarism, copyright infringement and unauthorized use of a person’s name or photograph. IAHCSMM will not be liable for any damage or claim arising out of omission or delay in printing. IAHCSMM reserves the right to revise or reject, at its discretion, any advertisement which it deems objectionable in text or illustration. 


Any advertiser who does not fulfill an insertion order will be subject to penalty fees of the maximum rate listed per size originally contracted. Payment required in advance of
posting. No cancellations accepted. IAHCSMM will permit only one company-based Facebook post per month per calendar year (12 total), and one company-based LinkedIn post per month per calendar year (12 total) cumulatively of all interested advertisers. Of the 12 Facebook and the 12 LinkedIn posts, individual advertisers are permitted only one post per social media outlet per calendar year.

Insertion Order

To request an insertion order, please email Jeff Warren, IAHCSMM Director of Business Development

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