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IAHCSMM Fellowship Program

The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management's Fellowship Program was developed to give recognition to the competence of its members, and to provide them with a measure of achievement that will be meaningful even to those outside the organization.

Fellowship status is one of the highest honors professional organizations can bestow upon their members. As such, IAHCSMM Fellowship is an honorable distinction that must be earned through hard work, a commitment to professional advancement, and a desire to raise the bar as both an IAHCSMM member and as a contributor to the CS field.

The IAHCSMM Fellowship program allows members to achieve Fellowship status by demonstrating knowledge, commitment and professional advancement in the CS profession. Fellowship is awarded upon completion of a research paper on a topic pertinent to the CS profession. Those who earn Fellowship status will receive the highly-regarded "Fellow Central Service" (FCS) designation after their name.

Upon award of Fellowship, all papers and submitted materials become the property of IAHCSMM and will not be returned. Papers may not be changed or altered in any way without the express written permission of IAHCSMM.

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