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The Board of Directors of IAHCSMM is comprised of one director elected or appointed by each constituent chapter plus a number not to exceed four delegates-at-large (appointed by the Executive Board of the Association) to represent the individual members where there is no constituent local chapter along with the officers of the Association: the President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Executive Director of the Association.

Each Director is entitled to one vote on each issue submitted to the Board for a vote. The Executive Director of the Association has no voting privileges. Directors unable to attend a meeting of the Association can be represented by an appointed alternative or substitute from the chapter confirmed by official notice in writing.

Directors hold that office until a successor has been elected/appointed by their constituent chapter or a general election of the Association. Directors must be active members of the Association in good standing.

Duties of the Board of Directors are outlined in Article VII, Section 3 of the pdfBylaws of the Association.







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