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Navigating the Website:

You will find that information is readily available at your fingertips when exploring the website, and with several of the interactive features, control will be in your hands!  Our customer service areas will keep you informed, whether it’s in our FAQ section, where quick answers are given to your most common questions, or our How May I Help You section, where step-by-step processes are explained on how to become certified, stay certified and more.  Quick and easy ways are provided to find pertinent information about local chapters, the IAHCSMM Annual Meeting, and breaking news dealing with the Association.  An extensive catalog of educational materials is provided, giving you detailed descriptions for each of our publications and their associated costs.  A download section provides instant access to exam applications, forms used during the re-certification process, plus many other useful documents often requested to be mailed.

The website also allows all Active and Associate members in good standing instant access to key components of their individual membership accounts.  Once signed in using your name and a membership id number, the website will validate your account and open a Member Portal.  You will be able to see a snapshot of addresses IAHCSMM has on file for your account, current certifications held and when they are due for renewal, all lesson plans grades submitted from the website, and your last five payments received.  The Member Portal will also give access to the Discussion Forum (making the forum for IAHCSMM Members only) and an online version of Communique (a digital rendering of the current and the most recent back issues).

We encourage you to explore all of the aspects of the website, and forward your comments and suggestions to

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