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Q: How do I form a local chapter?

A: Refer to the Chapter Section of the website, under How to Form a Chapter.  If you meet all of the necessary requirements, we look forward to receiving your submission

Q: What are the benefits of being a member of a chapter?

A:  Regularly Scheduled Meetings - Chapter meetings provide an ideal place to network and provide educational opportunities for chapter members

News – Chapter news printed in our bi-monthly magazine Communiqué keeps members connected with chapters and their events, and to provide updated information from the entire United States

Website – List’s current chapters, chapter information and chapter events Leadership Opportunities - By participating in your chapter and activities, you can obtain the experience and skills it takes to enhance your professional skills. You will have opportunities to chair committees, present topics, spearhead or plan chapter events and conferences, and be a recognized leader in your field

Q: When are Chapter Recharters due?

A: All Active Chapters of IAHCSMM must annually submit a Re-Charter form by February 1st.  Chapters that Recharter prior to this deadline will receive a waiver of registration to the Annual Meeting for their Chapter Representative to attend the Board of Directors brunch and all educational sessions.  Chapters that do not Recharter by February 1st may be in jeopardy of losing IAHCSMM chapter affiliation status

Q: What is required to Recharter a Chapter and maintain IAHCSMM affiliation?

A: All Chapters are required to complete the annual Chapter Recharter to continue affiliation with IAHCSMM. All annual Chapter Recharter forms must be submitted to IAHCSMM headquarters by February 1st. Chapters wishing to compete for the Steris Chapter of the Year awards must submit the application along with the annual recharter.