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Q: How long has IAHCSMM been working with the CS community?

A: IAHCSMM has proudly been the Association of choice for Central Service for over 50 years (originally founded in 1958)

Q: If I want to join a committee, who do I contact?

A: Please refer to the Executive Board listing, and contact an individual of your choice

Q: How do I find a chapter in my area?

A: Refer to the Chapter Listing on the website.  If there is not a chapter in your area, please read the How to Start a Chapter section.  If you meet all of the necessary requirements, we look forward to receiving your submission

Q: Who is eligible to run for office with IAHCSMM?

A: Only Active members in good standing with IAHCSMM who have served as a committee chairperson or as a Chapter Representative within the past 4 years are eligible to run for the offices of President or Secretary-Treasurer of IAHCSMM

Q: Who is eligible to vote during IAHCSMM elections?

A: All Active and Associate members in good standing are eligible and encouraged to vote during any IAHCSMM election.  Please refer to the expiration date on your membership/certification card to identify if you are a current member of IAHCSMM