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CE Approval Protocol


  1. To encourage continuing education for technicians, supervisors, managers and directors
  2. To provide an avenue for maintenance of points for recertification for all levels of certification


  1. Application for Continuing Education (CE) contact hours must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks before the start date of your educational offering (see form on next page)
  2. Submission Requirements:
    • For full workshops and seminars: A sample brochure and/or handout, clearly outlining program titles, objectives, and the number of contact hours planned for the seminar
    • For print and online publications: a copy of the article or module including post test, if applicable.
    • For presentations: a copy of the handout, outline, or PowerPoint presentation that will be used. Please include a copy of the post test, if applicable
  3. If the seminar is sponsored or co-sponsored by a vendor, or sponsored by a non-affiliated chapter, there will be a $50.00 processing fee. (You will be invoiced and payment must be received prior to approval.) There is no charge for CE approval processing for IAHCSMM Partners and affiliated IAHCSMM Chapters


Program approvals are valid for one year. Programs to be repeated must be resubmitted to receive approval for the next year.

When submitting a previously approved program for renewal, please complete a new Continuing Education Approval Protocol Form. Be sure to record the previous approval code and include a copy of the program documentation (i.e. article, brochure, self-study guide, etc.)

Notification of Approval:

  1. Approval/denial notification will be forthcoming within 4 weeks of IAHCSMM receiving the complete Approval Application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The educational offering will be assigned an approval number and the number of approved contact hours.

Providers must include the approved number of contact hours and the approval code on participant certificates.

Download IAHCSMM Continuing Education Approval Protocol Form